Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Human Experiment

I remember watching this tv series LOST about some people stuck on an island. There was this experiment going on there too in which some people were sent there with all the necessities for life and all they had to do was press a button every 90 minutes without fail. They were told they were saving the world. Some other people believed that it was just an experiment to see how people will react to it.

But if you think about it our life is no different. Society tries to make us feel that our life has a purpose and not only that it gives us a code of conduct as well and I must add that we are taught to believe that what we like is not good.. So the end product is the same situation as those guys you don't know whether you are right or not because you want society to be right because that makes you a part of a bigger and supposedly meaningful thing and supports you as well but deep down you know its an experiment and your nothing more than an object...