Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Wonder

Something made me wonder. Why is it that people are almost always disappointed. If you fail then you're supposed to be disappointed and if you succeed then its just one step forward which was 'expected', hard earned, not a surprise.
New people excite us whereas old jokes become annoying (this is until we realize 'old is gold' :P ).
I wonder is it because whenever we're looking for happiness from a particular direction, we inadvertently close all the doors leading it to us? Or an alternate view which kind of questions the meaning of happiness. Is 'surprise factor' the real catch ? Do we need that surprise, that 'pleasant' shock to feel happy ? That might explain why we like to do something outrageous every once in a while ? Or is it just me ?

May be we just want to see if we can still surprise ourselves. May be that's all happiness is. It's HOPE that there's more to world and life then what we have witnessed so far and its nicer and worth living for.


  1. surprise is part and parcel of healthy being... it's the perturbation needed to stir out of the dull dreary daily monotony of existence..
    man, being creative, can do little with monotony.. but can do wonders with surprise.. hence, it gives him a kick.. so good luck with your surprise..
    and remember, happiness is real only when shared ;)

  2. Of course that's what the blog is for.. ;)

  3. Agreement is happening with Changi !
    Well said :)