Monday, July 19, 2010

Quite Real

I like to dream. Imagining a dream world while one is conscious is quite difficult if not impossible. Attention to detail is not the only problem one faces but to control the various objects in the ‘scene’ is like acquiring 'Moksha'. Everything that you don’t want to happen happens because you’re ‘actually’ thinking about them. In short, it invariably leads to chaos in matter of seconds. Dreaming while sleeping is definitely less strenuous although it can be one hell of a roller-coaster ride if not utter chaos.

I find it extremely interesting how we react to difficult situation in real life. How an adrenaline rush pulls us out of despair. We go on the offensive instead and tell ourselves that this is our life and we’re ready to do whatever is necessary to bring it back on path. On the other hand, a difficult situation in a dream is also invariably related to feeling completely helpless. I’ve had a lot of lucid dreams especially as a kid. The adrenaline rush when nothing is going your way tells you that it’s a dream. This is right when we wake up but well not always, at least not me.

The knowledge that you’re dreaming when you’re still asleep puts you in-charge of the dream and unlike the 'day dreams', now you have your whole brain at your disposal. "It's my dream, out here I'm God" is what I used to tell myself. Although it doesn’t last too long, maybe because we can’t really accept that we’re ‘All Powerful’ or maybe we don’t really know what to do with all this power. Does it also mean that although we keep striving for more power in real life we're not really equipped or prepared to handle it if someday we actually acquire enough?

Gaining control over your dream doesn't mean that it's going to last. It's like playing a shooting game which becomes harder and faster as you move forward but only a lot more complex. You try to keep up with the rapidly increasing pace of the dream till you can, knowing very well that sooner or later you'll have to snap out of it. Just like real life just a lot more faster is what I remember of those 'hard to remember' dreams.


  1. hmmm... it seems you state conflicting characteristics of your dreams.. you are helpless and also God...
    could it be that as a kid, when you imagined you had more control over the real world, your dreams made you feel helpless.. and now when life seems to drift away, you feel more in control of your dream world??!! just a thought.. a rhetorical one..

  2. I'll comment anyway... How could you be all powerful without being totally vulnerable ?