Sunday, July 25, 2010

Self Preservation

Self Preservation defines evolution.
The ability to defy it defines acing the evolutionary race.
We've the ability to choose.
To choose between life and death.
To choose between pleasure and misery, at times, but these choices are driven by motives much more complex than mere survival.
Emotions defy logic and define us.
We've the ability and the drive to choose misery, the lack of which we find quite troubling.
We've the ability to self destruct.
To shoot ourselves in the foot.
To 'change' everything.
The question is to what end ?
Is it just compulsion to check our own breaking point ?
Is there a point to be proven, to others if not ourselves ?
Is there a war to be won ?
Is there a trophy to be lifted ?
Or maybe it's just to keep us 'occupied' like Leonard did.
May be we'll never know.


  1. self preservation is a quest, to emerge shining even from the gloomy nights.

    Interesting read,
    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. There always a point to be proved !

  3. @Anonymous Someone: Welcome to Random Thoughts :)

    @Natasha: But why ?

  4. evolution is not just about self preservation.. that will be a bit defensive.. its also abt aggressive self propagation and self promotion.. why don't you try those ? ;)
    the notion that there is an ultimate aim or prize to be won is a pre-conceived notion.. i am not saying it does not exist.. just that there is not 'logic' to back this hypothesis up.. just like the idea of God
    some choose to still believe in it.. billions do.. it helps some, hurts others..
    to each his own..

  5. Self propagation is a kind of self preservation if u think abt it ! ;)