Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I hate Heroes

As a kid I wanted to master every profession. My dream job was the Profession of the Week at that time. Everything was possible. One day I could be whatever I want to be. Therefore I loved all the larger than life characters despite grown ups calling them unrealistic. Now even I hate such characters(except Batman) because that day never came. Because I no longer dream to be like them. Because I've grown up.

So is this what growing up is about? Coming face to face with your own shortcomings? Being realistic?

Or is it about losing the confidence that you once had and now you're just trying to 'fit in' with the ordinary?


  1. ever wondered why the larger than life people - real or graphical - would give anything to be ordinary??

  2. You are just losing sight. Take hold of what you might otherwise loose.

  3. Tough questions... maybe we were just too optimistic then and had loads of confidence... maybe at that time we didn't 'think' so much... as children, we tend to be quite impulsive.

    Maybe we suppressed all those qualities?

  4. we let go of the dreams of our youth, and we now keep revisiting them..that is where the regret comes from.