Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Humility costs money

Can you really be humble? I mean if you're a celeb then it could be a distant possibility but is it possible for the ordinary citizen that you are(after all you've time for reading this how important could you be) to be humble?

Think about it if you don't like selling yourself and you're the kinda guy who's not yet on tv then are you qualified to be called humble? You can definitely be the 'cool' 'chilled-out' 'rooted' chap next door but never the brilliant yet humble, successful yet grounded friend everyone loves.

On the other hand humility without the fame could be misconstrued as under-confidence or incompetence. So it begs the question is humility another measure of social status which requires a lot of money but can never be bought?

Who all can you be humble with? Masses? Media? I mean are you even supposed to be humble with friends? Won't it come out as arrogance too?

Is it all worth the hard work after all we are who we are...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Back Home

We make decisions every second of every day during our existence. There are times we retrospect and wonder what was sensible and what was a blunder. At times we even spend a bomb on a vacation just for some peace to clear our head.

I think the best vantage point is Ground Zero itself. The place where you grew up. Where you first dream of everything you want to be and everything you want for yourself (We tend to confuse the two don't we?). The place where people still remember you as the kid who broke their window on a summer evening and then had the courage to come and ask for the ball as well :)

It's the place where everyone comes back or visit to share their life journeys with people who couldn't care more about impressions & reputations. Where you could be that silly little kid again and talk about incidents & ambitions which are otherwise never talked about.

Not often one gets a chance to taste the long lost past again. It marks the end of a journey and the beginning of a new challenge. And until the starting gun is heard it's a carnivale.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Best Profession Ever

To crack jokes at people and then get paid by the very same people. Can there be a better job?
Recently I had the 'pleasure' of going to the Comedy Store. And It was money well spent.

You can order food and drinks inside the audi but avoid drinking too much too quickly because your attempted escape to relieve yourself won't go unnoticed. Ringing phone on the other hand would guarantee you the experience of the Comedy Store's version of "Phone a Friend" where the friend would have no idea what he's up against.

The host and the best comedian of the lot was the most unprepared and was the most chatty one as well. I happen to know some people who I believe have the "skill-set" for this coveted job.

1. Karan Kalia - If he gives up the motto "Why STAND if you can sit" after all it's stand up comedy.
2. Aditya Changavalli - If he can start seeing a Trichologist after all who'd want to watch a disgruntled bald comedian.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Moving on

If someone had asked me three years ago about my expectations while moving to Bombay I might have said a lot of things or may be nothing but there's no way I could have predicted the way things turned out.
I've lived several lives in these three years and I'm glad I decided to 'migrate' here.

And now it's time to move again and this time I'm not even going to bother imagining what it would be like two three years later although it's a lot of fun to do so.

Hopefully I'd have seen more of the world.
Hopefully I won't have too many regrets.
Hopefully I'd have learned to serve properly by then.
Hopefully I'd spend more time with camera and less with lightroom.
Hopefully my posts have some humor in them.
and a lot more "Hopefully"s

Chennai debacle a few years ago taught me that one has to accept the new place as his/her own to have any chance at having a good time. Well right now I'm just excited about moving back to Delhi even if it's for less than a month :)