Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Humility costs money

Can you really be humble? I mean if you're a celeb then it could be a distant possibility but is it possible for the ordinary citizen that you are(after all you've time for reading this how important could you be) to be humble?

Think about it if you don't like selling yourself and you're the kinda guy who's not yet on tv then are you qualified to be called humble? You can definitely be the 'cool' 'chilled-out' 'rooted' chap next door but never the brilliant yet humble, successful yet grounded friend everyone loves.

On the other hand humility without the fame could be misconstrued as under-confidence or incompetence. So it begs the question is humility another measure of social status which requires a lot of money but can never be bought?

Who all can you be humble with? Masses? Media? I mean are you even supposed to be humble with friends? Won't it come out as arrogance too?

Is it all worth the hard work after all we are who we are...


  1. Questions we'd never probably have answers to. Something must have terribly bothered you, life and people are bitch at times!

  2. I agree humility without success to back it is pointless.. for one, it will not be recognized as humility or modesty but as cowardice..

    Similarly, self confidence will be mistaken for arrogance if you aren't successful..

    So, you have to mix and match.. to be successful.. neither approach by itself gets you there..