Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Conversation killer

I hate it when I get a "lol" in reply... I mean if you feel like laughing then go Haha at least it sounds like a laugh! When I get a lone lol I choose to end the conversation more often than not (it also depends on who sent it and my inclination to put myself through some more lol horror)

Why people choose to use this Conversation killer?

1. To KILL the conversation. Of course if you actually wanna kill the conversation then you can go ahead and LOL. It would work even better than HMMM...

2. You actually say "LOL" out loud instead of laughing in the 'real' world. ( Saw such a creature in some movie/series )

3. You actually believe that it's Cooler to LOL then to laugh.

4. You genuinely have nothing to say and LOL is your way of dealing with awkwardness.

5. You've not heard about the 'cooler' version of LOL which is LAUL.

What is YOUR reason?


  1. Its just another way to try be modern.... ha ha.. In fact US types... Why on the world we have to follow their footsteps.... They are good, but we are better..

  2. i can't agree more with the fourth reason....i have seen people use it when they have nothing to contribute to the discussion....when they can't think of anything....it is seriously frustrating to be honest...

  3. LAUL :D. And that Hmmm reminds me of our own dear Suuu :P

  4. how did i miss out on this piece! can't agree more!!