Saturday, September 29, 2007

Couldn't an excuse for Didn't

Couldn't is one of the most over used words according to me. I wondered about its various usages and figured its nothing but an excuse for didn't. If you think about it every usage of couldn't can be replaced by didn't and be justified because couldn't comes into usage not because of infeasibility but lack of will.
Like raising your hands assuming yourself to be superman and then saying I cant fly is as good as saying you don't want to unlike wright brothers who did.
And even if we don't look at it objectively its about the kind of gesture one makes which gives an idea about the intent one might not be in a position to do a lot of things but can still do a lot of other stuff to send the right message.

An Inquiry into Morals

I have always given ethics there due importance but I am starting to wonder does nature really care about ethics?? After all its about the survival of the fittest. Being rigid in order to be ethical is something we cant afford to do in this world. If we have a choice between victimizing ourselves or others the choice becomes obvious unless one can derive happiness otherwise and is capable of forgiving himself when others do not put you on the receiving end of such a favour either, after all if you couldn't take your own side why expect others??? And doing this isn't selfless either after all your happy right... It finally comes down to what you like.

Even if your intent is to deceive I say how the hell does it matter because all that counts is what you do on ground...Right???

Friday, September 7, 2007


The first and may be the only thing that comes to our mind with this topic is some religious lunatics from across the border. I define terrorism as anyone using violence to get their demands (especially unreasonable ones) fulfilled.

Today I was going to college as usual via bus no. 879 but just 2 kms before DCE the bus was stopped by some 20-25 guys who looked like bawana crowd, not for a second I thought that the reason could be anything except taking a ride in the bus until I saw the front glass being smashed with a big stone... Well I have heard about maniacs thrashing buses to avoid taking a 3 rupee ticket but this is the first time I experienced it.

Well quiet obviously people rushed towards the gate and I wasn't at all scared because I was so sure that there is no way they can stone the bus with people inside. The conductor was pulled outside and was beaten up and I was just waiting for them to ask everybody to empty the bus but to my horror they blocked the exit and a stone/brick came thrashing a window right in front of me , a lady was sitting there with less than an year old baby she crouched to save her baby and most people did the same but before I could react I felt a jolt in my ribs as I couldn't sight the stone after the window broke but fortunately for me it had lost momentum... And in the next few seconds there were stones from all around the bus and I was wondering WHY???

Then I heard somebody shouting for the driver to take the bus away from there we got down around 20 yards from the scene and I immediately called the cops even though i was confident that nothing will be done and then directed a couple of more 879s coming from the opposite direction to take an alternative root which they did.

I don't know if the police came or not but when I was coming back after an hour I saw the same bus(without windows now) driver and the conductor seemed reasonably okay so may be the police did come. Later on I found out from a bus conductor that those guys belong to some college near by which I never knew if existed and surprisingly call themselves students.

At the end of the day I can's decide who's fault is it and what if somebody would have got hurt who would be responsible those a**holes, the authorities who don't seem to be taking sufficient action or the society who's tolerance feed such criminals/terrorists who are ready put people's life in danger and destroying property so that they can get a free ride which they believe they deserve being a so-called students.