Friday, September 7, 2007


The first and may be the only thing that comes to our mind with this topic is some religious lunatics from across the border. I define terrorism as anyone using violence to get their demands (especially unreasonable ones) fulfilled.

Today I was going to college as usual via bus no. 879 but just 2 kms before DCE the bus was stopped by some 20-25 guys who looked like bawana crowd, not for a second I thought that the reason could be anything except taking a ride in the bus until I saw the front glass being smashed with a big stone... Well I have heard about maniacs thrashing buses to avoid taking a 3 rupee ticket but this is the first time I experienced it.

Well quiet obviously people rushed towards the gate and I wasn't at all scared because I was so sure that there is no way they can stone the bus with people inside. The conductor was pulled outside and was beaten up and I was just waiting for them to ask everybody to empty the bus but to my horror they blocked the exit and a stone/brick came thrashing a window right in front of me , a lady was sitting there with less than an year old baby she crouched to save her baby and most people did the same but before I could react I felt a jolt in my ribs as I couldn't sight the stone after the window broke but fortunately for me it had lost momentum... And in the next few seconds there were stones from all around the bus and I was wondering WHY???

Then I heard somebody shouting for the driver to take the bus away from there we got down around 20 yards from the scene and I immediately called the cops even though i was confident that nothing will be done and then directed a couple of more 879s coming from the opposite direction to take an alternative root which they did.

I don't know if the police came or not but when I was coming back after an hour I saw the same bus(without windows now) driver and the conductor seemed reasonably okay so may be the police did come. Later on I found out from a bus conductor that those guys belong to some college near by which I never knew if existed and surprisingly call themselves students.

At the end of the day I can's decide who's fault is it and what if somebody would have got hurt who would be responsible those a**holes, the authorities who don't seem to be taking sufficient action or the society who's tolerance feed such criminals/terrorists who are ready put people's life in danger and destroying property so that they can get a free ride which they believe they deserve being a so-called students.


  1. u never told about this happening :O
    n did u really call police? not many ppl care to do that bt prefer to just look on.
    Nothing can be done about such incidents :| n authorities are responsible for this :/

  2. Yes I did call the cops and it was the first thing I did. If people around stand up against such behaviour then a lot can be achieved. As Ra's Al Ghul said in Batman Begins "Criminals thrive on the indulgence of society's understanding."