Monday, March 22, 2010

The Status Quo

There is so much anguish that needs to be vented out and I've been told blogging is a good way to do so. So here I am on your recommendation.

But I don't really know how this works. How do I prove that the world is full of mad people and then feel better since I wrote about it ? What's really the point of it ? Do I want to find more people who share my feelings and tell me how right I am ? So are we just looking for each others' approval over here ?

Whereas what we should be doing is 'seeking joy' 'unleashing our instincts' and 'taking chances' instead of seeking refuge behind the so called 'moral high-ground'. May be the fault lies here with us and may be the actions of the 'ordinary' (so proclaimed by 'us') are the ones that need to be looked up to, may be a failure a reject is better than the status quo. It's time to move on...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dog Chasing Cars

"I'm a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it." - Joker.

We run after everything that evades us well almost. Be it the desire for some gadget we can't afford, the madness associated with getting a high paid job which is never good enough or the more common phenomenon known as a 'crush'.

Even if we know that we don't like the 'car' much, that it's not the right model, shape or doesn't have smart enough gadgetry inside... It doesn't matter. We have to run for the simple reason that it seems to be running away from our reach when we expect it to approach us... and if the latter actually happens we'd be running away instead.

So what are we running for ? 'the car' ? I am not so sure. Well the High of chasing can give cigarettes a run for their money. Suddenly we have a purpose a short one a challenging one, unpredictable and with whole lot of ups and downs, making us forget about the absurdity of our day-to-day lives. Morning alarm is no longer as annoying instead its time to 'resume work'. Its a 'New Day'...