Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dog Chasing Cars

"I'm a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it." - Joker.

We run after everything that evades us well almost. Be it the desire for some gadget we can't afford, the madness associated with getting a high paid job which is never good enough or the more common phenomenon known as a 'crush'.

Even if we know that we don't like the 'car' much, that it's not the right model, shape or doesn't have smart enough gadgetry inside... It doesn't matter. We have to run for the simple reason that it seems to be running away from our reach when we expect it to approach us... and if the latter actually happens we'd be running away instead.

So what are we running for ? 'the car' ? I am not so sure. Well the High of chasing can give cigarettes a run for their money. Suddenly we have a purpose a short one a challenging one, unpredictable and with whole lot of ups and downs, making us forget about the absurdity of our day-to-day lives. Morning alarm is no longer as annoying instead its time to 'resume work'. Its a 'New Day'...


  1. 1.We like a car only when we like the model , shape etc. If none of the features is appealing we don't run after it....even when it runs away from us.
    2. There is nothing bad about 'running after things'...to some extent it gives u a purpose( as u said) in life.... if taken in a right stead .Having desires is good.
    3. Morning alarm is annoying on any day. Its just that when u start loving the absurdities of life u don't need an alarm to wake u up :)
    4. I like ur post :)

  2. Thanks Aishna :)
    If you think about it you'd realize we don't always had very good reasons for the chase or they don't sound sane enough in retrospect ;-)

  3. nice read man :)

  4. @ Kanishk - thought provoking.. but i will take from you what you tried to take from me.. purpose ;)
    @ Aishna - bravo on the riposte!

  5. @Changi: :) So when are you returning to the world of blogging ?

  6. @ Kanishk.. in view of popular demand, I have indeed risen from the ashes. The flame of my writing prowess was doused by the monotony of existence. But embers lay dormant only to be re-ignited by the gusts of fresh air that blogs such as yours have brought.. ;)

    in short.. read my new post.. and the ones to follow.. :)

  7. hehehe Dude don't waste your creative energy here you're marketing campaign ain't gonna get notice over here simply due to lack of following ;-)