Wednesday, April 7, 2010


City of Dreams attracts a variety of people. I think once you've lived here for some time you can start understanding the demography. You can tell one kind* from the other. Here's an attempt to identify the different kinds..

1. Local experts (Of the trains I mean): They'll know everything there is to know about the locals and not only about the stations within Bombay but Virar, Titwala and some more names I get to read on the trains. They can be quite helpful especially for a newbie but don't expect them to know much outside of their expertise(i.e. the locals).

2. L.B.S. dudes: Their bombay starts from Mulund and ends at Ghatkopar. Nirmal lifestyle and R-City Ghatkopar form an important part of their lives...

3. Gujjus: The North western bombayites. The rich business class. Met a few, they turned out to be a lot sweeter than my expectation.

4. Bandraites: The so-called happening crowd. The place is quite an attraction and so are the people, from the girl next door to Sachin Tendulkar. Though they're not known for venturing out of Bandra much.

5. Town side folks: Town-side or the So-called Real Bombay, and I think rightly so, is full of Big Shots and their offices. The best part is the restaurants, pubs, Marine Drive and what not. I found the people there to be much nicer than they get credit for. And of course their Bombay finishes at Dadar in the north.

6. Self-Proclaimed Bombayites: The Thaneites, Navi mumbaians, Virarians and all the people living close to Bombay but not in Bombay. Before this turns into a controversy let me clarify that I'm not questioning your 'Right' over bombay but just some light-hearted humour.

7. Inquisitive Immigrants**: They know it all and they love the city. They're everywhere and Bombay is full of them. Their love for the town amazes and annoys their hometown folks. They infuse life in the city and are the future 'Localites'.

* The insecure ones with a propaganda who can't share the city won't find a mention.
** The disloyal, thankless ones who can't stop complaining about everything won't find a mention over here either.


  1. loved the categories!! :D i wonder which "type" u fall under??? ;)