Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Evil Grin

It makes your heart sink.
Can feel his presence whenever you laugh too much.
Just have to look behind and there it is 'the evil grin'.
The one that's there to make you doubt yourself.
Doubt Others.
Doubt Everything.
You tell yourself its all in the head and you won't be affected.
But you already are.
You can see the domino effect and you just wait n watch.
Tell yourself that next time you'll be stronger and won't let your dreams fall like a pack of cards.
Makes you feel better for a while, sometimes.
But you'd rarely forget that he's always behind you, watching every move, with that evil grin.
Guess that's what god looks like.


  1. knew my evil grin troubled you... but not to this extent.. ;)

  2. Well you ARE the 'self proclaimed' God though. :P

  3. modesty forbids me to admit it... but.. yeah.. i am.. :)

  4. @Shanu: Glad you liked it :)