Monday, May 10, 2010

People I don't get at all:

1. Who don't like Chocolate.
2. Who question the awesomeness of Beer.
3. Who don't worship Sachin Tendulkar.
4. Who haven't watched Dark Knight Yet.
5. Who Diet.
6. Who mix upper and lower case letters in a word tHInKinG its cool.
7. Who dance in Hard Rock Cafe.
8. Who talk slowly (kills me from inside).
9. Who don't munch at night.
10. Who follow a strict schedule.
11. Who come for dinner but aren't hungry because they had a glass of MILK before they left from home.
12. Who don't love HOUSE and SHELDON.
13. Who aren't in LOVE with Bombay.

Well this can go on for a while...


  1. quite the lucky 13 you got on your list.. ;)

  2. hahaha.... good one :P i must confess i am nt that fond of chocolates... LOL

  3. hey... now i know y u get me so well.... :P ChRiStIaN deserved a mention thou :P

  4. Thanks guys ! :)

    @Kanishka: 4th on the list ;)