Sunday, June 6, 2010


I hated them in school n college and like them no better in office.
Not the mathematical ones. I'm way too good at ripping apart those little mean pricks ;)

I always found school functions to be torturous. I don't know why. I mean everybody seemed very happy during that time. Maybe because I was never into dancing, singing, dramatics.. You name it and I haven't done it :) So it could be that I didn't feel like I'm a part of it, like I'm the 'outsider', it explains why i always felt suffocated during all such events and wished for them to get over asap so that i could  return to the usual fun.

College fests seemed no better. It always seemed that people changed for that time like We're in a alternate universe and the relationships had a different meanings. It's like everybody arrives not only dressed up on the outside but also trying to play a character whom I just couldn't recognize. My friends never liked attending fests and sometimes when they did, I had a great time so maybe that explains it all. Though I still prefer a House Party on New Year's eve Over going to a club and shouting with 2000 strangers. Not that I don't like going out and attend concerts with thousands of people but somethings are better if only friends are around.

Office has been no respite either with what was supposed to be an annual party got converted into a school function with Juices and Soft drinks replacing the 'happy' drinks and people still pretending to enjoy or have they uncovered the truth about life, happiness and everything that goes with it ?

Venting out @WTF and then the usual @ Hard Rock and Marine Drive (That is my spot, in an every changing world, it is a single point of consistency.) prevented me from throwing up.


  1. somehow... i love functions!!! in school, college!!! these i can handle!! not the mathematical category, though!

  2. hahaha the other way round for me ! ;)