Friday, June 25, 2010

No More a Virgin

I still remember when the peer pressure got the better of me. The sheer fun and pleasure made me go over to the other side. It was first year of college and despite of everything I'd been taught, I was able rationalize it nonetheless. Since then I've always tried to help others realize what they're missing out on.

People have their reasons too - Religious, ethical or mere choices they make to prove to themselves that they're in control. I've realized it's not appreciated when the 'beliefs' are questioned and hence I avoid it. Although the pleasure in seeing people appreciate the other side when they decide to move over is worth the effort being put in to 'change' them.

One such conversion took place today. When subway delivered subs which were marked incorrectly. A dear colleague of mine who boasts or rather used to boast of being a 'pure vegetarian' had nibbled a couple of bites before he could realize that what he's eating doesn't taste like the Veggie Delite he ordered but had gotten swapped with the Chicken Tikka. He immediately gulped down the whole bottle of Mango Slice to cleanse himself but it was too late. He knew it was too late. The chicken was inside him. He couldn't boast anymore and everyone knows the first time might take time but once you're on the other side There's no stopping you :)


  1. Abstinence is no virtue.. if you have tempered the tempest of temptation, and emerged unscathed from the experience, you are worthy of respect..

    a smoker who has quit or a intermittent drinker commands admiration for he has conquered the evils that have destroyed many..

    those who don't fight the war at all are the craven..

    while those who do fight but don't conquer.. well they are losers.. there's no stopping the losers :P

  2. Changi, you're spot on again although I don't see how a non-vegetarian can be compared to a smoker ?

  3. I'm going to hell for my potent LIITs !

    I'm going to hell for making people lose their will power. Almost everytime.

    Changi - Just because someone fights but doesn't conquer; makes them a loser ? Not everybody has the ability conquer, let alone fight.
    I guess it's subjective.

  4. @ natasha.. my mistake.. i guess i mnt those who enter the battlefield.. but don't fight..
    the craven will be those who choose not to be anywhere near the battle..

    but be careful.. though i have used adjectives, the negative connotations are from your own interpretation of them..

    don't want everyone to be a conquerer.. ;)

    @ kanishk.. i know.. hence i used less controversial vices ;)

  5. was just one bite......

  6. Hahha..Funny...I hope that never happens to me. Each time my american colleagues ask me, 'have you never tasted meat?', I tell them 'Not as far as I know' :). You can never be sure of it in this world.

    My first time here..

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  8. @dilontherocks: True you can never be sure. The most interesting ones are those who call themselves Vegetarians but are 'game' for non-veg once in a while or maybe more if it suits them ;)
    Thanks for dropping by :) Keep visiting...

  9. Lol! Yeah. Too bad...But then again who are we to decide what is right and what is wrong? :p