Friday, August 27, 2010

System Restore

I can't recall how many times I used to do a system restore on my old pc. Isn't it brilliant? You don't like it how it's behaving now then just move it back to a state you did like :)

Shanu mentioned to me how it'll be so awesome to download tutorials to learn stuff like they did in matrix and life will be so much easier and fun. It got me thinking. I say let's wish for something much more 'reasonable'. How about a 'System Restore'? Remember the last time you were totally in your 'groove' ? Won't it be awesome to just get that frame of mind restored whenever you like ? It'll be as close to utopia as it could be in my opinion.

Since any new technology is just not satisfying enough and we always want more so I'll pen down my expectations from the System Restore 2.0 right here. It should also have a software update which makes sure we don't repeat mistakes because something that really makes me pull my hair out is having to see myself in the same shit again and again.

Do you have any other 'reasonable' wish ?


  1. System Restore 2.0 seems like the perfect solution to all of my life's problems..

    My wish is something similar..A machine which will show us the repercussions of our decisions so that we know what we are getting into before we decide on nethin.

    Waise dont u think 'Shanu' would have sounded way better than 'someone' :P

  2. It definitely would have but I wanted to make sure that people click the link to find out and hence kept it as a suspense requiring some finger exercise in order for one to uncover it :P

    Also, do you really think that knowledge of the repercussions of our decisions going to change them ?

  3. I, for one would have made many many decisions differently if I knew abt the repercussions..I am too young to have so mny regrets ya!! I dunno wat the state will be when I am 50!!

  4. So many regrets..yup..tons and tons and tons :(