Monday, September 6, 2010


I envy little babies - Innocent, cute, carefree, lovable and loving.

Then comes experience and it takes away from us one thing after another.
May be that's what growing up is - Building your resume, new relationships and stories each wearing you away, making you a lesser version of yourself, emptying you out.

Innocence goes away first.
You can't afford to be carefree.
Love is a sin.

You run from all the things you hate in this world until one day you give in and become one of them and then you ask why do you hate yourselves ? Why do you feel so empty ?

You won the battle but lost the war.


  1. true...still there are days when we indeed are carefree, innocent...
    have you been hating yourself lately?

  2. and those are the days to be wary of... they happen when least expected!!