Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday

Birthdays are over-rated is what I used to think at one point of time. A small party at home used to suffice and the best part was/is that i could ask mom to make anything I like :)
With time things changed and then came a curse... Whatever I might do my b'day plans used to crash in vain. So much so that after a point I started dreading my b'day. It was depressing to say the least.

I came to Bombay and it was a 'failed b'day plan' in the making. That's when I put my foot down and went off the leopold and was carried out of hard rock. I had a smile on my face remarking that I've ended the curse, I've drank it down, I've smoked it up.

I still remember the b'day the last b'day I spent with dad when he took me out for dinner. I still wish I should have talked more enjoyed more but i guess it's true when grown up children sit with their parents nothing much is really talked about. I wish I could change that.

It's important to have memorable birthdays because then you remember what you did and how you felt then in which case Birthdays also act as reality checkpoints.
We can evaluate how much have we grown in the last year or two?
Are we doing what we wanted to and promised ourselves to be doing?
Are we happier?

But the most revolutionary change that one can notice is the way our relationships change with people.
Sometimes someone we didn't even know till last b'day becomes too important this time while the special someone from last time might be completely missing from the frame this time around.
It can be quite overwhelming sometimes.


  1. nice arya :)
    i like the "was/is" part !! shud spend ur bdays at home wd aunty!

  2. For the first time..I shed my cynic goggles and appreciate a post.Karya..bravo....

  3. I think so too aishna :) I did have a bday dinner with mom in advance :)

    @Mishraji: Your appreciation is much valued. :)