Monday, October 11, 2010

How Pathetic Are We ??

India Booming !
Superpower in the making !
Lucky Youth !

I've had it now. I can't bear this farce which I read in the newspapers, watch on television and hear from the ignorant masses.


sacrificed the best days of school for admission in a good college.
drank cheap liquor and ate shit in the hostel mess hoping one day we'll be on the other side.
were told over and over again that we're destined to be successful.
slogging our ass off on shit that a school kid can do.
pay a fortune for a decent house.


Reality (unless you're born 'prince')

still can't enjoy a Saturday night.
is this success?
now hear lectures on our lifestyle as if we're the spoiled ones.

The Promise
receive rejection letters that say we aren't the 'preferred' caste either.
realize that all those promises were hollow.
now see that this wasn't the right path.

We blindly followed the herd. We lived a lie. We're afraid to break free. And we feel guilty every night about the little fun we had over the weekend.

If this isn't pathetic then what is ?


  1. you selected the wrong country dude

  2. I couldn't agree more ! Annoyed. Very. This is an issue that deserved to be written about.

  3. Scary part is this reality is becoming more and more 'accepted'.

  4. dude! think about it.. if you hadnt spent all that time slogging your ass off, you'd be working at a MC'Ds or a zenta right now. atleast you're earning enough to say that your're paying a fortune for a decent house...
    the question to ask is would we ever be happy with what we have?

  5. What sucks the most is how they all say we are living the "easy" life.... pray tell me whats EASY about this life?! :|

  6. @Nikhil: We could be happier.

    @Annie: I know! From the outside it looks perfect.. if only it was !

  7. liven up. life aint that bad. but yeah it may suck every now and then !

  8. I still love my engineering, am think I am gonna miss my college days.