Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Control your own world

As more and more ppl are becoming active on FB and the likes, these sites are giving them more and more options to customize as much as possible. They let you control your own [virtual] world. Who can visit? What privileges they get? You can even create a new identity in no time. And anything can be erased with the click of a button! And I believe this is another reason why ppl are more active in the virtual world now-a-days.

This sense of control/order makes it addictive as its absent so to speak in the real world. All this cracks me up. If you have a mouse so do everyone else. And all clicks do is hide/unhide things you like/don't like.

It's like playing an endless video game bcoz you couldn't play the real sport. Having said that, social networking is fun when played like a game. So obviously i shall be reducing my visibility on fb... See you in the real world.

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