Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Polite is Rude

Can one really be polite?
The very nature of the gesture makes it obvious.
You can't be polite and subtle at the same time. So is it really worth it to be polite?
Isn't it like pity? And isn't that rude?

The very idea of being polite is to act in a way which would need deliberate effort.
Does that not make it a lie? And is lying polite?

The very need for politeness is to avoid offending others.
That is assuming that they're not good enough to handle the truth.

I don't think one can be polite without being disrespectful.
Politeness is like being rude but disguised.

The Obvious

Best books are the ones which put into words what we already know...
Is what Changi once told me and I think he was quoting someone as usual. I think I kind of agreed with the logic, at least then I did because if you think of it when we read something and really agree with what's written then it's hard to build an alternate perspective. Soon it's even hard to imagine that you ever thought differently. So in essence it feels like we knew it all along.. but did we? May be that's the beauty of a good book that it makes us convince ourselves that the whole idea is our brainchild...

Obvious Sells!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Fading Memories

I regret not clicking any pictures during my school days...
Somehow I'm not there in any of the class portraits!

Hundreds and thousands of days in the district park... oh how I'd like to see a picture of us playing...
Guess somethings can only be captured in memories and not memory cards...