Saturday, April 9, 2011

Time Markers

"90s were the real shit man" is what I always say and well that was one hell of an era. Listening to old songs(even 90s is old now) and watching those movies makes me feel quite nostalgic. I always wondered why do they make me feel so different not like we don't get good music now. Is it the relatively emtpy streets in the videos of that time? Well, crowded Mumbai IS getting on my nerves off late.

But that's not it. Those songs/movies are acting like time markers connecting me to my own past, a way of living which I've forgotten. Moving on is a part of life but a proper good bye is always in order. May be I need to go back one more time, to those pitches where i spent most of my childhood and once I'll take the stance may be the frenzy will return. May be I need to re-visit those alleys. May be I need to live without any "Year end targets" in my head. May be I need to give the past its due importance and the people from back then. And may be then I'll have my closure.


  1. and what is the closure you are looking for??

  2. That it's over... those days are gone...