Friday, May 20, 2011

Best Profession Ever

To crack jokes at people and then get paid by the very same people. Can there be a better job?
Recently I had the 'pleasure' of going to the Comedy Store. And It was money well spent.

You can order food and drinks inside the audi but avoid drinking too much too quickly because your attempted escape to relieve yourself won't go unnoticed. Ringing phone on the other hand would guarantee you the experience of the Comedy Store's version of "Phone a Friend" where the friend would have no idea what he's up against.

The host and the best comedian of the lot was the most unprepared and was the most chatty one as well. I happen to know some people who I believe have the "skill-set" for this coveted job.

1. Karan Kalia - If he gives up the motto "Why STAND if you can sit" after all it's stand up comedy.
2. Aditya Changavalli - If he can start seeing a Trichologist after all who'd want to watch a disgruntled bald comedian.

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