Sunday, May 15, 2011

Moving on

If someone had asked me three years ago about my expectations while moving to Bombay I might have said a lot of things or may be nothing but there's no way I could have predicted the way things turned out.
I've lived several lives in these three years and I'm glad I decided to 'migrate' here.

And now it's time to move again and this time I'm not even going to bother imagining what it would be like two three years later although it's a lot of fun to do so.

Hopefully I'd have seen more of the world.
Hopefully I won't have too many regrets.
Hopefully I'd have learned to serve properly by then.
Hopefully I'd spend more time with camera and less with lightroom.
Hopefully my posts have some humor in them.
and a lot more "Hopefully"s

Chennai debacle a few years ago taught me that one has to accept the new place as his/her own to have any chance at having a good time. Well right now I'm just excited about moving back to Delhi even if it's for less than a month :)

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