Saturday, June 11, 2011


Acting crazy or depressed!

Eat a lot or nothing at all!

Talk a lot or completely hush!

Extremely stupid or annoyingly cautious!

Super confident or shaking really!

Too Active or completely dormant!

Too friendly or extremely distant!

Too judgmental or too humble!

Sloshed or SOBER!

Salad or Butter Chicken!

Hence - Mad! In a world which preaches Moderation!

How do I know all this?

Friday, June 10, 2011


Who doesn't like vacations?
Who wouldn't? :S

Do we all look forward to go on one?

Is there a threshold period for them to last?
Don't think so (truth is YES!)

After the threshold period which is about 18 days and 14 hours in my opinion...

Do you start  talking to people you generally never have time for?

You do stupid things just because you're bored?

You end up feeling very irritated?

You start feeling that all your friends are corporate rats?

You have a little too much time to think about your life!

Does the last part suck?
Oh Yes!

Do you take rapid measures to fix things which will prevent you from reflecting too much on your life?

Especially after a few drinks?
Of course!

Does that push you further in the mess?
Well, Of course!

Now do you wish for the vacations to get over?
So do!

Does this mean that you're missing work?
Are you kidding me? :P

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Extreme Emotions

Can emotions not be extreme?
If yes then are those really emotions?

What really puzzles me is when people ask Why you feel that way?
If I knew I won't call them emotions now would I?
I don't know why I feel like beating some people to pulp with my bare hands and protect some from everybody else.

I can give a long list of reasons but the truth be told they'll just be made up excuses. I don't know why I hate someone or why I love someone. But I can tell you the feelings are never moderate. The feelings should NEVER be moderate. I suck at moderation and feel bad about it sometimes. Not only emotions but otherwise too. I don't know about other things but emotions shouldn't be moderate or temporary. I mean in a world where everything is temporary if you can't even feel a certain way about someone or something then I don't see you having any sort of an identity. You don't have any ground zero.

Friday, June 3, 2011

When do we search for peace?

It's not new to hear somebody or may be yourself craving for a peaceful vacation. As life gets more and more out of control the craving follows. We of course don't really give into our craving. Not until life's back in control or to say when it's feasible(work is sane enough) to take a time off.

So if you think about it we never really let go of our mad lives to experience peace but it's during those peaceful times we fool ourselves. We tell ourselves that we've made this happen as planned. We go for AOL kinda courses when we're most at peace with our lives anyway. Not to say that these courses are bad or good for that matter but the fact is that no one runs for peace when he/she needs it the most. We just choose to fool ourselves later. Can you imagine madness in office or at home and u leaving for a peaceful vacation. We search for peace when we've time and when we've time we're generally peaceful...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Learning to drive

This is a topic I mostly avoid because it's immensely embarrassing but since off late I've good stuff going on so i don't really care about not having a driving license.

Well I think I drove for the first time when I was in 5th standard. Yes our driver used to let me do that when my folks weren't around. And as all driving instructors tell their students he also told me that I'm naturally good at it. That time I couldn't wait to turn 18 and get a license to freedom. But as destiny had it I no longer had a car. So i decided to wait.

Once in murthal we went to pick up Rahul's degree. As he stepped to go to a lone departmental store in his barren campus Ritesh gave into my request of letting me go for a small drive. I started and I very well knew that Rahul would come running for his 'baby' so I decided to really hit the gas as there was no way i could afford it to come to a halt straight away. As expected Rahul had his jaw dropped and he never ran like that on the cricket field either. Ritesh had his heart racing very well knowing he might end up being the scapegoat here. As I looked back to make these observations the car headed towards a tree inside a narrow ditch. I 'seemed' to be completely out of control and I heard *beep* *beep* *beep* from behind which wasn't helping my driving I must add. I of course steered back onto the road very comfortably. They did let me drive till the gate then but still for some inexplicable reason Rahul starts breathing heavily when we talk about that incident.

Three years later my driving experience in Goa however was much better and I must add Karan is one patient instructor. Also, he couldn't believe that it was the first time I was driving may be our family driver was telling the truth after all.

After so many years I'd lost interest in driving but I think it's time that I hit the road so today I join a driving school not because I need to learn but because it's okay to damage their cars :)