Friday, June 10, 2011


Who doesn't like vacations?
Who wouldn't? :S

Do we all look forward to go on one?

Is there a threshold period for them to last?
Don't think so (truth is YES!)

After the threshold period which is about 18 days and 14 hours in my opinion...

Do you start  talking to people you generally never have time for?

You do stupid things just because you're bored?

You end up feeling very irritated?

You start feeling that all your friends are corporate rats?

You have a little too much time to think about your life!

Does the last part suck?
Oh Yes!

Do you take rapid measures to fix things which will prevent you from reflecting too much on your life?

Especially after a few drinks?
Of course!

Does that push you further in the mess?
Well, Of course!

Now do you wish for the vacations to get over?
So do!

Does this mean that you're missing work?
Are you kidding me? :P

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