Saturday, July 31, 2010


We keep cribbing how we all are so distracted and are always suggested that some 'focus' would do some wonders. So I made a list of things which always captivate our thoughts and even work can't distract us from them.

1.  Watching your entire life in flashes while looking out through the window on a rainy day.
2.  The woman in red at the bar.
3.  An imminent change in our lifestyle.
4.  Chilled beer running down our throats.
5.  Thought of losing somebody.
6.  Running till you can run no more.
7.  Realizing you can't undo that avoidable screw up.
8.  Hearing somebody describe what you feel better than you could ever have.
9.  Being completely alone in a room full of people.
10. Watching someone's face light up at your sight.
11. Listening to Floyd.
12. Going back where it all started.

P.S. I wanted to write a light-hearted post :S

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Please Undo

We're a spoiled bunch of brats. Spoiled by computers with that conveniently located undo option. Spoiled by parents who let us do whatever we want. Spoiled by teachers who said it's Okay to err. News Flash: It's Not ! Try telling your boss that the last piece you sent to the client has errors in it and you'll know it for a fact.

You can't make errors. If you do then you should be prepared to face the consequences. As we grow up the margin becomes increasingly narrow. Still we're a generation who believes that we can get away with anything because we always did. Parents forgave. Teachers usually just gave warnings and it always worked out in the end.

In life, we're not really over the fact that our parents are no longer looking over our shoulders and if we mess up no one will even know until we're neck deep in shit.  The attitude that says i know this is going to get out of control but I'm still gonna go this way and see what happens or figure it out later can only take you so far.

What they forget about is that you get to take the decision once and only once alone. The chain reaction begins. It can't be undone and there really are no second chances in life. You'll have to live with it for the rest of your life. So thinking it through at times isn't such a bad idea after all even though it might not be as exciting.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How Brain Works

Good Days: Things go right. We take the right decisions or at least they seem to be right. We remember how we have done so good in life. How things always work out. How we're better than the rest. How our friends are the best anyone can have. How we've been good to people. How we're proud of ourselves. How others are proud of us. How important we are. How we shouldn't ever change.

Bad Days: We screw up. Domino effect leads to screw ups. Old screw ups re-surface. Old wonders start looking like potential screw-ups. We remember how we always screw up. How it always ends badly. How there's no one to prevent us from falling. How we're a disappointment to us and others. How useless we are. How we can't ever change.

Normal Days: We're just our usual ignorant self.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Occam's Razor

Either you can be logical about everything or nothing. You can't have it both ways. You can't resort to logic when it suits you especially when it's your dire attempt to justify yourselves. Just because you can justify yourselves doesn't make you or your actions right.
I'm sure this goes against everything you've been taught, but right and wrong do exist. Just because you don't know what the right answer is - maybe there's even no way you could know what the right answer is - doesn't make your answer right or even okay. It's much simpler than that. It's just plain wrong.- Dr. Gregory House
 Yes right and wrong do exist. Just because people can get away by calling it a gray area doesn't make it right. Weakness is not an excuse for choosing the wrong path rather it's a weak act to use weakness as an excuse. Experiences tend to repeat themselves. Ever thought why so ? It's maybe because of YOU. You haven't changed, your actions haven't, your thinking hasn't and therefore the consequences haven't either and you're still wasting all your time coming up with excuses, with justification when the simplest justification is staring you in the face.
Occam's Razor - Simplest explanation is always right.
Well almost always. So why think of complicated stories then ?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Self Preservation

Self Preservation defines evolution.
The ability to defy it defines acing the evolutionary race.
We've the ability to choose.
To choose between life and death.
To choose between pleasure and misery, at times, but these choices are driven by motives much more complex than mere survival.
Emotions defy logic and define us.
We've the ability and the drive to choose misery, the lack of which we find quite troubling.
We've the ability to self destruct.
To shoot ourselves in the foot.
To 'change' everything.
The question is to what end ?
Is it just compulsion to check our own breaking point ?
Is there a point to be proven, to others if not ourselves ?
Is there a war to be won ?
Is there a trophy to be lifted ?
Or maybe it's just to keep us 'occupied' like Leonard did.
May be we'll never know.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Quite Real

I like to dream. Imagining a dream world while one is conscious is quite difficult if not impossible. Attention to detail is not the only problem one faces but to control the various objects in the ‘scene’ is like acquiring 'Moksha'. Everything that you don’t want to happen happens because you’re ‘actually’ thinking about them. In short, it invariably leads to chaos in matter of seconds. Dreaming while sleeping is definitely less strenuous although it can be one hell of a roller-coaster ride if not utter chaos.

I find it extremely interesting how we react to difficult situation in real life. How an adrenaline rush pulls us out of despair. We go on the offensive instead and tell ourselves that this is our life and we’re ready to do whatever is necessary to bring it back on path. On the other hand, a difficult situation in a dream is also invariably related to feeling completely helpless. I’ve had a lot of lucid dreams especially as a kid. The adrenaline rush when nothing is going your way tells you that it’s a dream. This is right when we wake up but well not always, at least not me.

The knowledge that you’re dreaming when you’re still asleep puts you in-charge of the dream and unlike the 'day dreams', now you have your whole brain at your disposal. "It's my dream, out here I'm God" is what I used to tell myself. Although it doesn’t last too long, maybe because we can’t really accept that we’re ‘All Powerful’ or maybe we don’t really know what to do with all this power. Does it also mean that although we keep striving for more power in real life we're not really equipped or prepared to handle it if someday we actually acquire enough?

Gaining control over your dream doesn't mean that it's going to last. It's like playing a shooting game which becomes harder and faster as you move forward but only a lot more complex. You try to keep up with the rapidly increasing pace of the dream till you can, knowing very well that sooner or later you'll have to snap out of it. Just like real life just a lot more faster is what I remember of those 'hard to remember' dreams.